Who We Are

Led by a Senior Credentialed Diabetes Nurse Educator SET Health Diabetes Education is a leading Australian Diabetes management company. We focus on Private Diabetes Education, Management and Support for Individuals, as well as for Education centres and Carers of people with diabetes. 

We provide a personalized approach and do not believe in quick and generic solutions. Our approach is built upon proven practice, not just theory. Our goal is to provide clients with the knowledge and tools to most importantly maintain a healthy lifestyle for themselves and the people in their care.

We believe that a holistic approach is the best way for our patients to best manage their diabetes and get their health back on track.

SET Health also specialise in creating specific training packages for ELC and School Educators to teach them how to best manage their students T1 Diabetes in a positive and safe way in an education setting. As well as for the  Families, Carers and Support Workers of the person/s with diabetes.

We are accountable to our clients and only succeed when our clients achieve.

Our Diabetes Education for elc and schools

SET Health is the leader in Diabetes training for the education sector.

We are well known for our In-person hands on education. Each training session is especially created to be specific to the child/s needs, making the training more worthwhile and effective in practice. We also supply all equipment and resources specific to the child/s condition. Our lead trainer is also a Clinical Nurse Consultant and can also educate about other conditions that the child may have that effect their diabetes management.

Our service comes to you, we are a mobile service and are able to facilitate any location within Victoria.

We also offer after and before hours to suit any business.

Being led by a Senior Credentialed Diabetes Nurse Educator SET Health can ensure through education, training and ongoing support that the school environment is safe for a child with diabetes to participate fully and safely in all school activities. We also pride ourselves on helping staff feel confident and supported when delivering care to the children /person with type 1 diabetes in the classroom.

Private Diabetes Education for INDIVIDUALS

SET Health have also just opened their first Diabetes Education Clinic in Mt Eliza . We look after all types of diabetes (T1 diabetes, T2 diabetes, and Gestational diabetes). For private patients with or without an EPC, NDIS and DVA. We cover a variety of different topics including but not limited to;

  • Blood glucose meters – provision, education and set up,
  • NDSS registration,
  • Insulin commencement and ongoing management,
  • Insulin pump therapy education – pump preparation, upgrades and new pump starts, ongoing management and education,
  • Smart meters / app on phone – to assist with managing insulin when counting carbohydrates,
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring – set up, education, interpretation,
  • Pre – conception planning for people living with diabetes,
  • Gestational diabetes – education and ongoing management,

Jessica is also a Nutritionist and can offer a variety of different diet management techniques to manage disease and enhance health.


Level 3 Senior Credentialed Diabetes Nurse Educator

Registered and fully qualified practitioners, therapists, and coaches.

We Come to You

We offer in-home, on-site consultations to bring you convenience and flexibility.

15+ Years of Experience

Proven results from years of practice.

Competitive Pricing

Individual, package and group price options available.

Development and Delivery

Tested knowledge and tools that can easily be understood and applied.

Great Support and Management

On-going and on call support.

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