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SET Health is a leading Australian personal health and fitness management company, with a focus in: Diabetes and Epilepsy Management in Early Learning Centres, Rehabilitation, Strength and Fitness Training, and Nutritional Health.

We provide a personalised approach and do not believe in quick and generic solutions. Our functional approach is built upon proven practice, not just theory. Our goal is to provide clients with the knowledge and tools to achieve and most importantly maintain a healthy lifestyle for themselves and people in their care.

We are accountable to our clients, and only succeed when our clients achieve.


Certified Experience

Registered and fully qualified practitioners, therapists, and coaches.

Tailored Plans and Training

Specific to your requirement, condition, and environment..

35+ Years of Experience

Proven results from years of practice.

Competitive Pricing

Individual, package and group price options available.

Development and Delivery

Tested knowledge and tools that can easily be understood and applied.

Great Support and Management

On-going and on call support.